Health Care is a Bright Light in a Dim Economy For Investors

Health care has always been a safe stock in the face of disaster. No matter how bad the economy is, people still get ill, thus they need medical care before anything else. Health care stocks are holding up better than the rest of the market. Up to January 25, the Morningstar health care sector is down less than 4%, of ten wide market sectors, thus making it the top dog. There are companies that recognize this trend and are pushing ahead.Healthcare of Today Inc has been continuing its plan for the acquisitions of healthcare companies despite climbing fears in other sectors of the economy. Now with a new president and new hopes in country, there calculated risk may have been perfectly timed.In a statement from the CEO (Henry Jan) he said, “We are aware the financial markets have hit hard times, but we remain committed to our company goals, while staying on top of what has happened elsewhere.” We are very excited about our success as we know our business plan is a good one, this allows us independence from the uneasy banking systems. All signs point to continued growth for the healthcare sector, and we’re going to continue to take advantage of our solid position with regard to health care projections. We need to continue forward, now more than everWhile people are losing there jobs across the country in a variety of industries, the Health Care job market has not been suffering the same fate. Jan says “the sectors of healthcare that we have handpicked to work with need us as much as we need them; Nursing schools and nursing services couldn’t be better-timed with regards to the nursing shortage that exists, as it regretfully continues to burden health in our country.”Healthcare of Today is a holding company intent on acquiring companies within the healthcare industry. Through its subsidiaries, Healthcare of Today is vertically-integrating a variety of businesses including: pharmaceuticals, residential care facilities for the elderly, home healthcare services, adult daycare, a private chef network, nurse job placement, nurse education, insurance, home care services, real estate brokerage/relocation services and in healthcare information technology.Every now and then, a company that’s enjoying good earnings growth and an upward-trending stock price will get knocked from its high horse. Sometimes, the fall is sudden. Other times, it occurs gradually. But it still happens, even in Health Care. What is making Healthcare of today so successful is its focus within the sector. Therefore an investor can just say Health Care of not Healthcare; they should do a bit more research on what is being done within healthcare.For example Nutritional-supplements maker NBTY had great expectations due to the reported monthly sales results and preliminary quarterly results, thus requiring Wall Street to drop its expectations for the company’s revenue increases; the stock had taken a hit since the spring. But recently, NBTY revenue rose a healthy but unimpressive 6%. These trends are good for shareholders. NBTY event though it took a hit and does not show the same prospect as Health Care of today inc, it is headed in a positive direction, and expectations now stand at more reasonable levels than back in the spring.So there it is, it is not all doom and gloom these days, Health Care is a strong beacon of light in what has been a dim economy. In times like these Luxury items tend to drop first, however Health Care is no luxury item.

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