Business Mail Services That Can Help Your Business

Are you a small to medium sized business owner? If so, are all of your duties and tasks performed by your own employees, under your own roof? If so, you may want to consider outsourcing a number of your business services. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to eliminate a portion of your staff, but it does mean that you can give them additional, more important tasks to focus on.One of the many services that you may want to consider outsourcing to another individual or company is your business mail. If you choose to do this, you will likely be seeking a  mail service. A good mail service specializes in handling your business mail for you. Depending on the type of business you run, this may help to eliminate a good portion of your work or the work of your employees.One of the most common  mail services offered   is mail forwarding. Mail forwarding  is most often used when a business owner, just like you, wants to acquire a well-known business address. See, most mail forwarding services give you an alternative business address. This address is where your incoming mail will first arrive. In most cases, your new, alternative business address will be located in a large, well-known city, such as New York City. After your mail has arrived at the mail  service headquarters, your mail will then be shipped on to you, at your physical business address.Although mail forwarding is the most common type of service offered, there are additional mail services that are commonly offered. One of these services includes mail sorting. If your mail is marked to go to the appropriate department or person, your business mail forwarding service should be able to sort out your mail for you. This is often done by grouping all of your mail together and sending it to you that way, all sorted. Depending on the specific business mail services available to you, you may even be able to have a portion of your mail, or junk mail, thrown away. Eliminating your junk mail, before it reaches your business, will save you time.If you are interested in learning about additional business services that may be available to you, you are urged to contact an individual or company who offers these types of services. Perhaps, it is best to use the internet. A standard internet search should provide you with the results that you are looking for. Those results, which should include 1-800 We Answer may help make it easier for you and your business to achieve success.

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Digital Photography – Money Making With Weddings

Weddings are great photo opportunities. It’s a day that everyone wants to remember and happy couples often need a reliable, professional service to capture their wedding perfectly for them to remember for the rest of their lives. Investing in relationships with wedding planners is a great way to gain access to this profitable business. The wedding planner will refer you to couples who will be more likely to hire you based on the wedding planner’s advice.First, if you have no wedding portfolio, offer your service to a bride in return for a testimonial. Be sure you keep the copyright on your pictures so you can use them to create a portfolio. You might locate a receptive bride within your circle of friends and family or through other networking activities. With at least one wedding under your belt and with a nice testimonial and portfolio, start looking for other weddings to photograph. Word of mouth is always ideal, but you might also check the wedding announcements in your local newspaper.To build up a portfolio, offer your services in return for testimonials. Make sure you have the copyright for your photographs so that you can use these in your portfolio. Often your first client will be from your social circle, so get the word out about your service. Word of mouth is the best recommendation, but with your new portfolio and testimonial, you are prepared to search for wedding announcements in your local newspaper.Contact the bride and offer your service. You can either send promotional material by mail or try phoning her. You can offer to take pictures of the bride’s house and the preparation for the wedding which can produce some great photos. This service is rarely offered by studio photographers, so this extra effort will make you stand out.Here’s one more suggestion for a unique digital photography package for weddings. Pair up with a scrapartist and offer a unique product – a wedding scrapbook or memory album. Scrapartists use photographs, mementos, decorative paper, journaling and various embellishments to create gorgeous, one-of-a-kind albums that are truly works of art.Being inventive and creative in the way you approach business goes along way in wedding photography. For example try working with a local artist to produce scrapbooks for your customers. You will offer a completely unique work of art to hold your clients happy memories. As a final tip, make sure to please the bride. Make her happy, and your job will be a lot more enjoyable.

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Digital Printing – Expert Printers Offer Many Benefits to Local Artists

When you see digital printing Denver artists work, you are sure to recognize the real life effects that go into the production. This could range from the mountainous snow-capped landscapes, beautiful neighborhoods to some of the more modern art movements underway. There are many benefits to digital printing, other than just the quality. Digital printing is a process where laser and inkjet printers produce high quality prints from electronic files.This new generation method of printing out images has became increasingly popular locally in Denver due to the many benefits it offers the artist. The set up time is reduced dramatically and the ability to create short runs or small print orders is much easier. The method is much more cost effective and produces much less waste. The environment is benefiting as well as fewer hazardous chemicals are being used to create these quality prints. And this is very important for people in Denver who recognize that the city is ahead of the game in many areas with respect to taking care of the environment and want to keep it that way.The use of digital prints offers the artist an unlimited creativity outlet. The ability to create paper thin images or huge panoramas creates a sophisticated technique that most artists appreciate. Printing Denver specialists agree that the new technology has benefited all artists, photographers, architects and painters included.The printing industry has accepted the use of digital prints as their new way to do business. The method is used by all types of artists and even draftsman and designers are using it to create cost effective and high quality work. The electronic files are easy to create and can be transmitted to any printer in the world with a simple click of the mouse. This benefit is huge for those who want to send examples, portfolios or finished projects to another location without the worry of prints being destroyed in the delivery. And with the ever growing size of Denver, including all the surrounding cities like Aurora, Arvada, Littleton, Golden, etc., being able to send electronic files is a huge time saver as opposed to past methods of a local artist showing their work.The many digital printing Denver specialists offer a new avenue for artists. The printing process is used around Denver for signage, textiles, portraits, photographic images, brochures, envelopes, letterheads, flyers, business documents, pop art, paintings, annual reports, and even the reproduction of old prints and restoration of art pieces. Digital printing is even used for transparent films.Printing Denver specialists and craftsmen can help you create the perfect image, with careful editing and use of colors to contrast the image. The image seen on the monitor will be the printed final, so it is important to work with a local printer that you know and trust to get the creative edge of your images and not lose the quality of your work.The paper selection is extremely important to your quality of work also. Choosing a paper that is the correct weight with the right absorbency, opacity, grain, and color will have a huge impact on the outcome of your work. Many digital printing Denver specialists can assist you in finding the right font and paper as well as creating the correct layout, color background, margins, spaces, and other important aspects to create the cleanest and highest quality design. Again, getting this right really is a reflection of finding the best local printer for your needs. In fact, working with a few different local printers to get a feel for their work is strongly suggested.Obviously, the turnaround time for the printing job is one of the largest benefits to using digital printing, but the many other benefits such as high quality, ease of creativity and the benefit to the environment are all strong reasons why most artists are turning to the digital world to create their work. And believe it or not, our choices here play a factor in helping keep the Rocky Mountains just as beautiful as ever.

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Financial Services Professionals: The Business of Busy-ness, is it Destroying Your Sales?

Did you know that the word “business” actually comes from the word “busy”?Financial services sales offers us several ways of keeping busy. In fact, three types of activities fill everyone’s days – those which are income GENERATING … income CONSERVING … and income CONSUMING.The challenge is staying focused on the right activities and in the financial services industry you are probably responsible for ALL three!Income generating activities are the lifeblood of your business. They are where ALL the money comes from. Your sales are the result of this step well done.In this category you will find all sorts of activities – prospecting … customer acquisition … marketing … research and development and that’s just a glimpse.Income Conserving activities protect your hard earned money. Here is where you preserve your sales.In this category you’ll find activities relating to being efficient, as well as anything that impacts good will and customer loyalty.Income Consuming activities are a normal part of every business.While many income consuming activities are necessary … unavoidable …important… perhaps mission-critical, most are simply a blatant waste of time and resources and eat away at your hard-earned profits.Income consuming can be tough to evaluate , because on the surface they seem to be income generating or conserving. Whether it’s being dragged to and through another pointless meeting or policies and procedures that do nothing but complicate the simplest of tasks … or (fill in the blank with whatever drive you CRAZY), the average day is filled with things that are of little or no value to your business.Nevertheless, activities that ARE of PARAMOUNT importance to your business can STILL be incoming consuming.For example: let’s say a prospect wants your service and your friend refers them to you. You make an appointment, give them a presentation and they hire you. You then go back to the office to finish up paperwork and begin being of service.While anyone in sales would probably argue the point, when they do the needs analysis and the paperwork, that is NOT income generating … it’s income CONSUMING. That does not mean it wasn’t important – it was CRITICAL in fact! But the income was actually generated by the salespersons marketing efforts. Everything that occurred AFTER the presentation became an expense in order to fulfill the agreement.The salesperson can certainly help CONSERVE income by being professional and frugal with time. He even has the potential for GENERATING additional income by suggesting another product to the client – or by making such a positive impression that the client would eagerly recommend him to others – but the pure activity of providing the service is income CONSUMING.If you would like to keep your busy-ness as profitable as possible, here are three ways to do it:First, detach yourself emotionally from the assessment process so you can be objective and clear.Second, examine your business and decide what percentage of time should be focussed on each category.Third, decide what would be the ideal activity ratio at each level – and 100% income generating isn’t a realistic expectation!Finally, instill in your team or yourself if you are the team, a fundamental respect for income – its generation, conservation and consumption. Every moment of every day should be governed by a simple question: “How is doing this going to affect my income?” The answer will dictate it’s priority.Priority #1 – EVERY team member should take full advantage of every opportunity to perform something income generating.Priority #2 – When not busy generating income, team members should seek out ways to conserve what has been gained.Priority #3 – If an activity neither generates nor conserves income, it must be carefully evaluated for its income gobbling potential. If the activity is necessary, team members should strive to be as
efficient as possible. If it is simply a waste of resources, it should be avoided altogether.Now, get out there and Do something with this information to increase your efficiency and sales – you’d hate for the time you’ve spent reading this to be income CONSUMING because you did nothing useful with it!

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The Stereo Field

With early Music Players you only got Mono sound. That is sound from one speaker. With The invention of stereo, music and movie soundtracks became much more rich and dynamic. With Surround Sound they became lifelike.The reason for this is simple. When you hear something, you hear it in a full radius around you, not from one or two directions. Stereo presents Sounds to you with two speakers, right and left. Also called Right and Left Channels.Surround sound add a center speaker for increased “in your face” ability, rear speakers, to provide realistic sensations of far away noises and movement of noises. That’s 5. surround. 7. surround sound adds two more speakers directly on either side, this increases the ability of the system to give you a full 360 degree area of sound movement.Pan is the ability to move sounds from the right speaker channel to the left. By panning any element more to one side than the other, you create both separation from the other tracks and the illusion of position for that element.When creating music the ability to move elements of the song from side to side, can help create depth and color.For example I have a dance track I created. I use one main synth loop for the majority of the track. By using Pitch shifting and effects I made the one loop sound different, while keeping the same rhythm. On some of the instances of the loop, I went in and used the Pan tool to bounce parts of the loop from one speaker channel to the other.Like this: dunt(left), duh-dunt(right), dun-ti-dunt(left), dunt-dunt(right), duh-dunt-dunt(left) di-dunt(right).You can also use it to create the illusion of sitting right in front of a band while they play.
For example: Pan the guitar off slightly to one side, the bass and keyboards to the other, with the vocals in the center. Maybe with additional vocals off to the side where the backup would be standing.For drums you can keep the kick drum centered, with the snare and tom drums arranged around the kick in an arc. Say… snare 1 is 5% left, snare 2 is 5% right, snare 3 is 10%left, snare 4 is 10% right, Tom 1 is 20%left, tom 2 is 20% right, and the big tom they only use toward the end is 40% (either, but you should get what i mean by now).Then lets say there’s a Cowbell in the center of the drum kit, so that stays centered. Lets say the band has a hi-hat and 4 crash cymbals. the first two crash cymbals are between the snare drums and snare and tom drums. So put them at 7-8% left and right, and the other two at 15% left and right. We will say the Hi-Hat is on the other side from the big tom, so we put it at 40% on the other side.By using Pan to arrange the position of the drums in the song to match what it would be like to sit right in front while the band is playing, you create a life like feeling. You can also do things like using volume and different levels of reverb to create the illusion of distance. Softer things sound further away than loud ones.In my track Demonic, there is a little beat that joins the kick beat very slowly getting louder, creating the effect of something creeping up on the listener. If you Pan Hard to one side and slowly bring it centered, while increasing volume, it sounds like something is coming closer from one side.Here’s your Home Work Assignment for this article.Listen to a song you like.Listen to it 3 or 4 times, and pay close attention to where you are hearing things coming from.

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